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“Now don’t be frightened child,” she says remaining at my side as my father approaches me with a small frosty glass bottle, simply decorated, engraved with the stamp of a cross. Their poignant gest…

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The Power of Love —

Love does not create powerful empires or concentrations of wealth or military might. Love is not what fuels the tanks of commerce or political clout or financial success. Many would say that love slows things down, mires us in complication. Love is not the way the successful and the effective move–it’s not fast enough, it’s […]

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To The White Men Who Fear Everything — The Gloria Sirens

Originally posted on Fatimah Asghar: & everyone. Including my 11 year old frame a circle of empty surrounding me & my violin ? on the crowded bus the weeks after the towers fell & then you blamed my skin. It was your feet ? & broken glass that followed me around the field when I…

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